Abang – A provision, such that of an electrical or a plumbing tap

Alero – eaves or the end projections of a gabled roof

Alulod or Kanal – a gutter or a groove

Asinta – laying of concrete hollow blocks

Asero – steel (as opposed to Bakal, for metal; or Yero, for zinc or galvanized steel)

Asuleho – wainscoting tiles or a glazed blue Spanish tile

Balangkas – framework

Balustrada or Gabay – banister or handrail

Baral de kadena – chain bolt

Barandillas – balustrade or the vertical members supporting the handrail

Baytang – tread or steps

Biga – beam, particularly a concrete beam

Bisagra – hinge

De bandeha – panel door

Escombro or tambak – earth fill or rubble

Hamba – jamb, either for doors or windows

Haspe – Wood grain

Hulog – plumb bob

Kanto mesa – miter or miter joint

Kapatas – foreman

Kisame – ceiling or false ceiling

Kontratista – constructor or contractor

Kostilyahe – ceiling joists

Ladrillo – brick

Larga mesa – concrete slab

Lastillas – sand and gravel

Latero – tinsmith

Liyabe – anchor or a wrench

Masilya – putty

Medya agua – cantilevered awning or eaves

Patay kanto – to round off a sharp edge

Palitada – plaster or to pave over

Pasamano – window sill, a ledge or handrail

Pergola – trellis or rafters

Pitsa – washer

Piye – feet

Piyon – laborer

Poste or halige – a post or column

Pulgada – inches

Pundido – smelted or cast iron

Rebokada – scratch coat

Rimatse – rivets

Senepa – fascia board

Sinturon – collar

Suleras – floor joists

Suelo – flooring

Sombrero pintuan – door head

Table – wood plank

Takip silipan – riser

Tisa – tile or roof shingles

Trankilya – barrel bolt

Truerka – nut or treading

Tubo de banada – downspout

Unosinotra – alternate/staggered

Zokalo – base plinth, like the lower partition between wet and dry areas in the shower


(source: page 52 of MyHome magazine, November 2010 issue)